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Locally handcrafted in Northern California

Ron Kiesel has been doing business as Fireplace Door Guy in Northern California since 2011. Fireplace Door Guy offers premium fireplace doors, custom made to order. Our doors are hand forged by local artisan fabricators. Each door is hand made to exact specifications and no two are exactly alike. Your door will be unique to your personal taste and decor. Because the doors are custom made we can fit all sizes and uniquely shaped fireplaces. We take pride in every door we make. Customer service and satisfaction are our primary goals.

We can also create specialty gates for decorative doorways and cabinets, uses include: Pet Enclosures, Wine Closet Doors, and More.

In addition to the custom doors, we offer the Black Jack ceramic log sets manufactured right here in California since 1989. Black Jack logs are manufactured from nature’s own heat conductor….”Crushed lava rock” thereby allowing the logs to retain their heat after the fire is extinguished. The logs are reinforced with steel rods to prevent breakage. Black Jack logs burn cleaner than smoke producing firewood, reducing pollution, allowing you to burn even on “Spare The Air Days.”

Alternative choices to ceramic log sets are ceramic fireplace rock sets and fireplace glass which can be used alone or in combination with fireplace rock sets.


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